Paddle & Brew is an independent specialty coffee entity focused on all aspect of the coffee value chain.

Founded in 2012 as a professional coffee academy, PB grew with the addition of a roastery in Japan and a collaboration coffee lab and research center in Bali Kintamani (Iswara Coffee Lab) with Belantih Coffee Farm.

The name Paddle & Brew was inspired by the Japanese coffee culture of using a wood paddle for stirring the coffee in Syphon brewing, the pursuit of a craft without boundaries and end.

Paddle & Brew thrive to respect the hard labor from tree to cup through people, botany, harvest, process, roast, and brew. An infinite, complex and interlaced relationship that when mixed together create a quality cup of coffee.

Paddle & Brew carefully and ethically works to follow and implement best practices in the industry and respect all involved in the process. We focus on transparency through connection with the producers and coffee community with a pursuit for sustainability and innovation. #nobeansleftbehind